Area Listservs & Other Online Social Networks

The most active online social networks for Capitol Hill neighborhoods are listed below.  (To add one that’s missing, use the Contact link to contact the webmaster.)


General Interest

Capitol Hill DC

Restricted to those living in the 20002 and 20003 zip code areas.
To subscribe, send an email to:


Listserv for the Lincoln Park DC neighborhood. To subscribe, go to

New Hill East

Restricted to those who live in Hill East, which is described as “much of the area west of the Anacostia River, north of I-395 and south of Florida Avenue and west to 11th Street or so.”

To subscribe, send an email to:

Northside DC

Restricted to those who live in the neighborhood “north of the U.S. Capitol complex, east of Union Station and west of the Anacostia River, but primarily the neighborhood centered by H Street NE. This is in Ward 6, and covers the area of ANC6A and ANC6C, but touches upon ANC6B in the heart of Capitol Hill, as well as in Ward 5, which is north of Florida Avenue and Benning Road, and even Ward 7, which crosses the Anacostia and goes a bit into Kingman Park.”

To subscribe, send an email to:

Metropolitan Police Department – First District

Membership not restricted. “Crime Prevention and Awareness Through Police-Community 24-hour Online Discussions.”

Policies & Guidelines

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Restricted membership:  “This group serves as an open forum with the intent of focusing on issues pertaining to ANC 6A neighborhoods, in the H Street corridor in Washington, DC. Some of those neighborhoods are: Near Northeast, Stanton Park, Rosedale, Lincoln Park, H street and Capitol Hill. This listserv is not officially affiliated with the ANC.”

To subscribe, send an email to:


Membership not restricted.  Discussion group for matters related to ANC 6B area of the Hill.  Click here to see borders.

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Membership not restricted. Discussion group for matters related to ANC 6B area of the Hill. Click here to see borders.

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Special Interest

Hill Hounds

Membership restricted: “Hill Hounds is an all-volunteer organization of dog-owners and dog-lovers in the greater Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC. Currently, our main focus is on Kingsman Dog Park.”

To subscribe, send an email to:

Out on the Hill

Membership restricted:  “a social group for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT) people. We hold various social activities ranging from cocktail parties to picnics, typically in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington D.C. Any GLBT person is welcome to join our activities. The purpose of this group is completely non-sexual in nature.”

To subscribe, send an email to:


Capitol Hill Running Club

Childfree Living on the Hill (CLOTH)

New Hill East

The Car Barn Capitol Hill

Pretzel Bakery Run Group


Nextdoor ( provides a private social network exclusively for the community you live in. Membership is free and anyone can launch a network for their neighborhood if one doesn’t already exist. For more information about Nextdoor generally, click here.

Some areas of Capitol Hill (such as Hill East) already have a Nextdoor network. To find out whether your area has one, click here.