Internet/Phone/TV Services

Options on the Hill:

DC Access
1504 Pennsylvania Ave SE (**local company**)

– Wireless internet service provider (limited bandwidth)
– Rooftop antenna installation for broadcast digital TV reception (Free TV DC)

DirectTV (TV only, via satellite)

Bundle Service Providers

Comcast (cable)

Verizon (DSL and fiber options)
  Verizon’s Fiber Optic Service (FiOS) is only available in some parts of the Hill

RCN (digital cable TV and fiber internet), while available in some parts of the District, is not currently available on the Hill.

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VOIP as an alternative to phone

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms, phone service over the Internet. If you have a reasonable quality Internet connection, you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.

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“Which is the best internet provider?”

Consensus seems to be that:

  • DC Access, the local provider, is the best in terms of customer service if they can meet your bandwidth needs.

Household Broadband Guide (FCC)
How Much Internet Speed Do You Really Need? (, Apr. 25, 2016)
The Need for Speed (DC Access)

  • If you need a lot of bandwidth, Verizon FiOS is the way to go if it is available where you live.  To check availability, click here.
  • If you need a lot of bandwidth and Verizon FiOS isn’t available where you live, Comcast and Verizon DSL seem equally liked/disliked.