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10th Street Auto Repair
518 10th St NE
(202) 544-1110

Capitol Hill Auto Services
615 Independence Ave SE
(202) 543-5155
(no website)

Capitol Hill Exxon
339 Pennsylvania Ave SE
(202) 547-4054

Distad’s Auto Clinic (BP Gas Station)
823 Pennsylvania Ave SE
(202) 543-0200
(no website)

Hill Auto Repair
712 E St SE
(202) 543-4000

Penn Ave Exxon
1201 Pennsylvania Ave SE
(202) 546-6146


DC law requires that all vehicles housed in DC be inspected and registered in DC unless the owner displays a reciprocity sticker issued by DC’s Department of Motor Vehicles. For requirements and other details, visit and  A failure to register a vehicle within 30 days of moving to DC can result in a ROSA (Registration of Out-of-State Automobiles) violation.

Nearest DMV service center:

DMV Southwest Service Center
95 M St., SW
(202) 737-4404

Customer Wait Time & Webcam

Nearest inspection station:

DMV Inspection Station
1001 Half Street, SW
(202) 737-4404

Vehicle Inspection Appointment Scheduling


For all things related to driver licenses, visit


For other information related to parking, visit

Residential Parking Permit

If you live on a street that has restricted residential zone parking (most of Capitol Hill is Zone 6) and your car is registered in DC, you will be issued a residential parking permit so that you can park beyond the two-hour limit for non-permitted vehicles anywhere in your zone. For details, visit

Visitor Parking Pass

If you are eligible for a residential parking permit, you can also obtain a visitor parking pass for your guests that will allow them to park beyond the two-hour limit on RPP-zoned blocks. This can be done online at

Short-Term Parking Permits

There are also other DC parking programs that are designed to accommodate the various parking needs of contractors, health-care providers, and other guests in residential areas, as well as short term visitors to the District. For details, go to

Reserved Parking 

You can reserve curbside parking spaces for certain non-recurring events (such as moving trucks, moving storage containers, weddings, funerals, construction materials).  For details and answers to frequently asked questions, go to

Snow Emergency Routes 

When a snow emergency has been declared by the DC government, parked cars must be moved immediately from all routes designated as a Snow Emergency Route or they will be towed and the owner will have to pay the towing and impound fees as well as a fine for parking on an emergency route.  For details, visit

Pay for Parking by Phone

DC’s Pay by Phone Program allows residents, workers and visitors to use their smart phones to pay for parking at on-street metered spaces throughout the District of Columbia. The program is administered by Parkmobile.  Registration is required.


If you are issued a parking, photo enforcement, or minor moving violation ticket in DC, you have three options: pay it, admit with an explanation, or contest it.

Payment:  If you aren’t going to contest a ticket, payment of the fine must be received by DC DMV within 30 calendar days from the date the ticket was issued (parking tickets) or mailed (other tickets), or your fine will be doubled. You can pay online, by mail, in-person, or by phone.  For more details, go to

Contesting or admitting with explanation: You can contest a ticket or admit with an explanation to try to dismiss or reduce the fines and/or penalties. Don’t pay the ticket if you want to do this; once you pay the ticket, you no longer have the right to contest it. To avoid a penalty equal to the ticket amount if you lose, you must start the process within 30 calendar days from the date the ticket was issued (or mailed).  This can be done in-person, by mail, or online. For more details, go to and


If you or your vehicle tag(s) have received at least one ticket in the past 18 months, you are eligible to enroll in DC’s Ticket Alert System (TAS). Those enrolled in this system receive near real-time email notification of ticket-related activity on up to four vehicles and a single driver license—that is, instant notice when tickets are issued, reminder emails about ticket deadlines or penalties, and alerts if a vehicle is impounded. With a TAS account, you can also log on and view all images associated with a ticket and all information in the ticket history file, such as hearing requests and outcomes, payments, appeals, etc. You can also link to the ticket payment and hearing scheduling functions online. Enrollment is free.


The DC Department of Public Works (DPW) boots or tows vehicles in DC that have two or more 61-day-old, unpaid tickets.  A vehicle may also be towed if it is parked in a way that creates a traffic or safety hazard.

To release the booted or towed vehicle, you must pay the boot or tow fee and all outstanding parking tickets on the vehicle tag. And until then, you can remove only these items from your vehicle: cash, checkbook, driver license, perishable items, medicine, and tools necessary for livelihood. For more information, go to


Abandoned vehicles in DC will be removed within five business days from public space and 45 days from private property.  For details, including what constitutes an “abandoned” vehicle, go to

To report an abandoned vehicle, call 3-1-1 or use the DC311 Portal.