Dangerous Dogs

Report all dog bites to the DC police (call 9-1-1 or the First District at 202-698-0555) as well as DC Animal Control (24 hour line: 202- 576-6664), 1201 New York Ave., NE.

Report dogs running loose that appear to be dangerous to the DC police.

SprayShield is a citronella spray that can be sprayed directly on a dog’s muzzle to break up a fight or deter an aggressive dog.

DC Department of Health Guidance:  Dog Bites

Topics covered:

  • Prevent your dog from biting
  • Protect children
  • If your dog bites
  • What is quarantine?
  • If you are bitten
  • Animal bite facts
  • Bite prevention
  • If you feel threatened by a dog

DC Dangerous Dog Statute

Chapter 19. Dangerous Dogs

§ 8–1901. Definitions.
§ 8–1902. Determination of a potentially dangerous or dangerous dog.
§ 8–1903. Consequences of a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog determination.
§ 8–1904. Dangerous dog and potentially dangerous dog registration requirements.
§ 8–1905. Dangerous dog and potentially dangerous dog owner responsibilities.
§ 8–1906. Penalties.
§ 8–1907. Annual dangerous dog licensing drive; educational program.
§ 8–1908. Rules.