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Have a recommendation?

If you are a Capitol Hill resident and would like to recommend someone or a company, please post a comment that includes his/her/its contact information and what, specifically, you are recommending that person or company for and why.  If the person or company doesn’t have an online presence, please be sure to confirm that he/she/it doesn’t have an objection to you publicly posting the contact information!

An entirely local enterprise, specializing in serving the Hill community, with the noble community mission “to provide opportunities for returning citizens [ex-offenders] within the greater Washington DC area to unleash their full potential, break negative intergenerational cycles in their families, build a path to a middle class lifestyle, and have an opportunity to give back.”

To learn more about their services or to get a free estimate, visit their website, email, or call (202) 903-4332.

“The Clean Green Team is based out of Capitol Hill, D.C. and is a social enterprise of Little Lights Urban Ministries. It provides much needed employment opportunities to public housing residents, allowing team members to gain critical job experience, build their resumes, and responsibly provide for their families. All of the workers are provided expert training by D&A Dunlevy Landscapers Inc., a Washington, D.C. full-service landscape company with a 30 year track record of excellence.”

To learn more about their services or to get a free estimate,, visit their website or email Mary Park at


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