Historic District

Capitol Hill Historic District Map

Much of Capitol Hill (as defined for purposes of this website) – but not all – has been designated as an Historic District, subject to certain design and building restrictions to preserve and protect its architectural and residential character.

The Capitol Hill Restoration Society, a non-profit civic association founded in 1955, was instrumental in securing that designation and continues to play a key role in maintaining the integrity, history and appeal of the neighborhood.

If you own property within the historic district, be sure to visit the CHRS website for important information and guidelines about maintaining your property:

CHRS Historic District Guidelines
DC Historical Preservation Office Handouts and Guidelines
Getting Building Permits (required for any external change)
Home Maintenance Advice
Owning Property in the Historic District


National Park Service National Register of Historic Places: Capitol Hill Historic District

The Value of Historic Preservation (Hill Rag, Sept. 2, 2014)