Illegal Dumping

Penalty for Illegal Dumping

Anyone who violates DC law on illegal dumping is subject to arrest and/or substantial fines.  See DC Code § 8–902.

Report Illegal Dumping

If you spot trash or piles of debris that are not in proper containers (or they are set out in an otherwise unsanitary manner), not at a proper point of collection, or on a vacant lot or public property, you should report that by calling 3-1-1 or using the DC311 online portal. Provide the following information, to the extent possible:

  • The location (street, alley, vacant lot, etc. with an address, if possible) of the dumping.
  • Make, model and license tag number of the vehicle used to carry the item(s) to the site.
  • Time and date when the dumping occurred.
  • Description of the materials that were dumped.