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Office of the Student Advocate

The Office of the Student Advocate operates a Request for Assistance (RFA) line Monday – Friday between 9am and 5:30pm. This line can be reached at (202) 741-4692 and serves as a “311” for public education questions and concerns within both DCPS and DC Charters.  An RFA can also be submitted via their website at

“We provide relevant resources, information, and appropriate agency or organization referrals to meet the specific needs of the caller. In addition to providing resources and referrals, the RFA line also allows our office to provide one-on-one coaching to families on a variety of public education issues.”

Guides and Consultants

In DC’s confusing thicket of school choice, there’s a guide for those who need help the most (Greater Greater Washington, Dec. 16, 2014)

Downey School Consulting
“a personalized approach to educational consulting for all clients, from Pre-School to High School”

Learning Specialist on the Hill

“The District takes pride in offering its residents one of the widest varieties of school choice in the country. Only about one-quarter of students attend their assigned neighborhood school; the rest choose out-of-boundary schools, magnets or charters.

Parents say they are grateful for the choice, but choice means choosing. And choosing is work: attending open houses, comparing curricula, trading gossip and trying to divine — from test scores and demographic data and other numbers — which schools might work.

In Washington, choice also means gambling. The most sought-after schools don’t have enough space to meet demand, and winning a seat in one often comes down to winning the lottery. Literally.”

SOURCE: Capitol Hill education consultant helps parents navigate D.C. school choice
(Washington Post, Feb. 24, 2013)