Street & Alley Cleaning


Alleys are cleaned by the DC Department of Public Works on a rotating basis about every six weeks. Special requests for cleaning can be made by calling 3-1-1 or using the DC311 online portal.  If your house is on an alley, please help keep it clean by picking up loose trash and weeding – perhaps organize a neighbor alley cleaning day!


Between March 1 and October 31, DC Department of Public Works uses mechanical sweepers to clean certain residential streets. Overnight sweeping of the District’s major roadways occurs year-round, weather permitting.

Look for signs indicating restricted parking during street sweeping hours – and obey them to avoid a ticket!

If a scheduled cleaning doesn’t occur, you can report that by calling 311 or using the DC311 portal.

How you can help:

  • Pick up the litter and trash, rather than sweeping these items into the gutter to eventually end up in one of the District’s rivers.
  • Use the street litter and recycling cans as you walk along commercial streets. (The litter cans are for pedestrian trash only, not household trash.)

If you live on a residential street that is not currently cleaned by the DC government and you and your neighbors would like that service, you may be able to petition for that service. For more information, visit